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Foenix Protection Services in association with
KAPAP Combatives

Our KAPAP Self-Defense classes are suitable for everyone interested in better protecting themselves and their loved-ones. Our system is relatively easy to learn, and is very effective as a self-defense system for both men and women.

It utilizes ‘gross motor movements’ as its foundation, followed by testing in scenario-based drills, with training against resisting partners.


KAPAP (Krav Panim El Panim) is Hebrew for face to face combat. It is a combat system of defensive tactics, hand to hand combat and self defense concepts.

The KAPAP Academy LLC was founded by Albert Timen who served in elite groups fighting terrorism.

With combined efforts and continuous research in this field Albert and other instructors worldwide have been upgrading and perfecting the concept. It has aided personnel in law enforcement, military and the security sector worldwide.

KAPAP Academy Combatives now has its own website www.kapapcombatives.com.au

KAPAP Academy Combatives

‘Fit & Safe’ classes, led by KAPAP Academy Combatives

  • Fit & Safe, reality based self defence classes inspired by KAPAP, with a fitness twist.
  • Fit & Safe for Women classes, empowering women while improving health and wellbeing.

KAPAP Academy LLC is represented in more than 20 countries with local instructors certified by KAPAP ACADEMY.
In 2014, Angelo Yannacaros of Foenix Protection Services became certified to teach the concept in Australia.