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Security Consultations

  • Be sure that your premises are secure
  • Ensure that important events run smoothly
  • Secure product launches, fashion shows, charity events.
  • Protect board meetings & political announcements.
  • Ensure corporate functions are safe and guests are responsible.
  • Custom access management & crowd control strategies tailored to your location/event
  • Contingency plans for cases of emergency or danger.

Special Services

  • Entire security program implementation
  • Audits
  • Design
  • Crisis Management
  • Assets / Data
  • Global Response Services
  • Contingency Planning


  • ECM (Electronic Counter Measure) sweeps
  • Check for bugs, spy cams, trackers


  • Asset loss and theft investigations
  • Loyalty of staff, missing assets
  • Investigations into fidelity or loyalty, for peace of mind or court evidence
  • Protect against corporate espionage
  • Private investigation

Technical Services

  • Technical Services
  • IT Solutions

Security and Crowd Control

Security Officers

Close Personal Protection