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Security Guard & Crowd Control Services

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Static or mobile

Armed or Unarmed
  • Posted at entrance/exits
  • Point of sale, cash register
  • Ensure responsible service of alcohol
  • Night guard, office buildings, construction sites

Armoured vehicle escorts

  • Safely and securely transport:
    • important persons
    • assets, media, sensitive documents
    • cash in transit

Crowd control

  • Keep your parties, soirees, functions and events under control.
  • Screen for alcohol or weapons
  • Remove ‘gate-crasher’ element.

Access control

  • Night and weekend access to office building
  • Ensure only authorised personnel and contractors to restricted areas
  • Ticket-holders, Members or VIP guests access only.

Asset protection

  • Restrict access to assets/valuables
  • Protect against leaks, copying, premature release of intellectual property, film, media etc

Patrols & Response

Scheduled patrols or triggered response
  • Homes and belongings
  • Office buildings, schools, construction sites
  • Estates or gated communities.

Close Personal Protection


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