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Reactive Pistol Training

With international firearms instructor, Albert Timen

Open to licensed security operators and gun permit holders only

A fast paced reactive handgun course instilling the proper attitude, mindset and confidence to safely handle and effectively use a firearm under stressful situations with split second decision making during a deadly force encounter.

Upgrading individual skills and reactive proficiency with the pistol. Operators will learn a unique weapons technique that will result in superior handgun skills and rapid reaction to fluid conditions.

Course topics

  • Universal firearms safety rules
  • Cooper’s colour codes
  • Understanding the OODA loop
  • The science of reactive shooting
  • Foundation of weapons manipulation
  • The 360 shooting platform
  • One & two handed shooting drills
  • Speed draw & reactive shooting
  • Threat focused training concepts
  • Close contact firing positions
  • Adverse light conditions shooting drills
  •   Integrated reactive shooting scenarios

Date: 16 January 2016
Phone: 0419 504 857
Email: info@foenixprotection.com

Time: 0900 – 1700
Price: $300 per person
Location: Dandenong Range, 35 Superior drive, Dandenong South, Victoria


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