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Officer Survival – Law Enforcement Training

This intensive officer survival course engages law enforcement officers in realistic scenarios
designed to enhance the decision making and physical skills required during unforeseen violent
The course focuses on the fundamentals of close range Combatives, tactical pistol and skills and
aims to teach students how to prepare for, survive and succeed in lethal encounters
Course Topics

  • Threat assessment
  • Pre Assault indicators
  • Relative positioning: gaining position of advantage
  • Interview stances: Field interview, low ready, high ready
  • The winning mind: Survival mindset
  • Use of force continuum
  • Low threat and high threat situational behaviour
  • Fundamentals of close quarter Combatives
  • Braces contact: Weapon retention (Holstered/ Non holstered)
  • Edged weapon awareness: controls and defences
  • Contact and cover tactics
  • Low light drills
  • Ground fundamentals: Avoidance and escapes
  • Integrated live fire scenarios