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Close Personal Protection – Intensive CPP Defensive Course

Our Close Protection Training program encompasses practical, theory, and hands-on VIP Protection training courses hosted by Security experts and designed by former military and law enforcement officials.

This course is ideal for new individuals to the bodyguard industry, or existing agents looking to refresh & polish skills, and anyone who desires to make themselves more marketable in the new global economy.

  • The course offers excellent instruction into the professional side of close Protection work.
    Operators will learn:
  • Security planning
  • VIP and escort techniques for mobile and on-foot operations
  • Communication methods
  • Navigation, evasive and driving maneuvers
  • Appropriate and effective reaction to threats
  • Covert protection

The course may be customized to focus on domestic and/or international arenas.

The course includes real world problems, scenarios, and solutions based on hands-on experience and lessons learned while active in the industry.

Our goal is to create a field of highly trained professionals in the field close personal protection and body guarding. We pay special attention to the training and assessment of trainees with the
ultimate purpose of sound training in the subject of security officers.

Also ideal as foundation for other courses such as hand-cuff & baton, firearms training & qualification, and hand-to-hand combat.