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Counter-Ambush – Tactics for Patrol officers

Designed to provide patrol officers with lifesaving self-defence tactics when dealing with an
armed criminal/terrorist
The scenarios drilled replicate real life threatening incidents encountered in the line of duty.
The course focuses on lessons learnt from recent armed confrontations, mobile ambush of
police/military and mobile counter ambush tactics, defence tactics against deadly threats in and
around vehicles, and deployment of the police rile/firearms from a vehicle.

Course Topics

• Officer ambush/assault: Review and case study
• Anatomy of an ambush
• Pre assault indicators
• Survival Mindset: Mental preparedness to avoid the freeze
• Counter-ambush/counter- assault tactics
• Close quarter shooting tactics
• Driving out of the ambush: Vehicle or foot- to cover/ no cover
• Tactics in and out of the vehicle
• Secondary threats: Shooter, IED’s
• Vehicle Counter ambush scenarios