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2 Day Pro-Active Security Threat Assessment & Predictive Profiling

This workshop offers a unique approach to threat mitigation that begins from the point of view of the aggressor/adversary and is based on actual adversary’s methods of operation, their modus operandi.

Predictive Profiling

Predictive profiling is a method of threat assessment designed to predict and categorize the potential for criminal and/or terrorist methods of operation based on an observed behavior, information, a situation and/or objects. Only the operational profile (not racial or statistical) is used as the basis for identifying suspicion indicators.

This method is applicable to securing virtually any environment and to meeting any set of security requirements.

In predictive profiling, one uses only the operational profile (not racial or statistical profile) of a terrorist or criminal as the basis for identifying suspicion indicators in a protected environment.

Students first learn about the nature of the threat itself.  They then explore those populations and profiles most likely to be vulnerable to recruitment, or motivated to act. Lastly, students are given tools to identify and assess who can be a potential threat and how to deal with the situation.

Hosted by Albert Timen

Albert is a veteran Israeli Special Operations Group, and a world class Tactical and Combat Shooting Instructor.  He brings over 20 years of active service in special operations with tactical and security training from various duties he carried along his career.  He served as an undercover operator in one of the IDF’s (Israeli Defence Forces) Counter Terrorism special units, Police S.W.A.T. unit, tactical firearms and operational (SWAT) instructor at the Israeli National Police Academy.

 Day 1

  • Introduction to the Seminar 
  • The Nature of the Terrorist Threat – Participant will learn of the guiding principles for planning and executing a terrorist attack.
  • The Nature of the Terrorist Threat (Continued)
  • Means of Aggression – Participant will learn about bomb configurations as well as concealment methods of means of aggression.
  • Adversary’s Workshop – Participants will develop terrorist methods of operations through a red teaming table top exercise. Groups will present the terrorist methods of operations that they developed as a group. This exercise will be used to predict probable terrorist methods of operations and subsequent suspicion indicators.
  • Suicide Bombers – Methods of operations and the mitigation procedures used to thwart and prevent suicide terrorism

Day 2

  • Recap
  • Proactive Threat Assessment – Participants will learn about the Predictive Profiling methodology and how to utilize it in threat assessments of people, objects and situations.
  • Proactive Threat Assessment (Continued)
  • Principles of Security System Testing & The cyclic Security Engineering Process – Participant will learn how to plan and implement Security System Testing drills and the effectiveness of a test for keeping the security system threat oriented. Participant will learn how to engineer predictive profiling into security operations in an effective manner.
  • The Physiology of Threat Assessment and Decision Making – This module covers the physiological elements that influence decision making of the adversary and the questioning officer.
  • Principles of Questioning – intelligence driven questioning, security questioning & interrogation. The differences in approaches.
  • General Principles of Security Questioning – This module discusses the general principles for effective security questioning and some of the suspicion indicators associated with individuals being questioned.
  • Q & A and handing Certificates