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Law enforcement

Active Shooter – Response tactics for officers

Active shooter incidents are becoming more prevalent in law enforcement and the need to train officers in how to respond has become a vital part of law enforcement training. This course is designed to give the officer the knowledge and skills needed as a first responding officer to an active shooter incident. The scenarios drilled replicate rea […]

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Officer Survival – Law Enforcement Training

This intensive officer survival course engages law enforcement officers in realistic scenarios designed to enhance the decision making and physical skills required during unforeseen violent encounters. The course focuses on the fundamentals of close range Combatives, tactical pistol and skills and aims to teach students how to prepare for, survive and succeed in lethal encounters […]

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Counter-Ambush – Tactics for Patrol officers

Designed to provide patrol officers with lifesaving self-defence tactics when dealing with an armed criminal/terrorist The scenarios drilled replicate real life threatening incidents encountered in the line of duty. The course focuses on lessons learnt from recent armed confrontations, mobile ambush of police/military and mobile counter ambush tactics, defence tactics against deadly threats in and […]

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