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4-day KAPAP Law Enforcement seminar in Greece

(Translated from: policenet)

High standard training program for CSDP Police officers And Drug Prosecution
The Union of Police Officers of Nea Imathia, in cooperation with the Imathia Police Directorate and the School of Further Education and Training in Northern Greece, organized, in the period 14/06 – 17/06, practical training on issues of self-defense and self-protection of the special units of our Prefecture O . And Drug Protestation with official guests of our Union, the internationally recognized self-defense and self-defense instructors, Albert TIMEN and Giannakaros Angelos.

Albert TIMEN is the president and founder of KAPAP ACADEMY, which is active in many countries of the world, with its main presence in the countries of Israel, the United States of America and Australia, and its activity is the training of security officers on issues of self-defense , Self-protection, escorting of persons and shooting positions in armed conflict.

Also with us was the Greek descent from Halkidiki, founder of the foenix security company based in Melbourne, Australia, and KAPAP ACADEMY Member Angelos GIANNAKAROS, who is mainly active in Australia in matters of training of security staff and having a number of recognized titles Education.

The two trainers during the four-day seminar, which took place in the SEMI facilities. , Provided with the most modern means of the School (projectors, PCs and closed range shooting range of four positions) a training program for the specialists of the OPC And Drug Prosecution of the Prefecture unprecedented for Greek data.

Our association is always a supporter of the modernization of the training of the Hellenic Police Corps and a pioneer as a sponsor of logistic equipment to our members, we declare that we will take every opportunity we can provide all the resources and means to achieve our goal of Training a well trained Police Officer.

We should thank the Director of the Imathia Police Directorate, Mr. Simouli Christos, for the facilitation of the working hours he provided to the officers of the OPOCE units. And Veroia Drug Prosecution, as well as the Governor of SMEV. Mr. Kounga Dionysios, who contributed the most to this four-day training, offering for use to trainers and trainees any convenient logistic tool so that she could be described as being absolutely successful.
After the end of the training, the union awarded us the honorary plaque trainers with the hope of coming back to Greece very soon and re-launching a new training course for the other members of our Union.

For the Board of Directors

The president
MOURTIS Apostolos

The Secretary General
KOSTOULIS Konstantinos

Now offering self defence training – KAPAP

KAPAP-blue-gold-combatives-logo-transThe close-quarter battle system of defensive tactics, hand-to-hand combat and self defense

Foenix Protection Services and KAPAP Academy Combatives are now fully certified and approved by KAPAP Academy LLC, and its founder, Albert Timen, to represent the system in Australia, with training and classes to be rolled out in the coming months.