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About us

Foenix Protection Services


Foenix Protection Services is a privately owned business that specialises in providing Specialty Security Services to Corporate clientele and training to disciplined individuals.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be recognised as one of the leading Corporate and Private Sector Trainers, and providers of Corporate Protective Security Personnel globally.

We will achieve this by constantly improving and adapting to the needs of the global community.

Exposure to risk and danger

Based upon world trends there has been an increase in violence that affects society, for people of all walks of life. Criminals have turned their focus from the traditional robbery of banks and other financial institutions to ‘soft targets’.

One such soft target is the unprotected corporate executive. In Australia, and across the world, the number of strategically-planned burglaries committed against prominent business identities has increased. Reports of white-collar crime, industrial espionage, extortion and threats, stalking and harassment are now common and require many companies to take precautions. Some companies provide an escort of trained security specialists to their staff who are sent on sensitive assignments. Other firms provide specialised training for staff who are travelling abroad (thorough and researched briefings can be delivered to cover the risks that could be encountered whilst in an overseas location). Our company provides both.

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